Next Deadline:
April 1st, 2020 | Entry Fee $5.00 USD

Winner Receives
$500.00 | Script Development

Cinematographer Neill Bachand is looking to connect with writers to produce short films throughout the year. The concept is to push screenplays into production and promote everyone involved.

The guidelines are simple. Submissions should be limited to 5 minutes in length.

1st Place is awarded $ 500.00 and Script Development.

2nd Place is awarded $ 50.00 and an Honorable Mention.

3rd Place is awarded $ 25.00 and an Honorable Mention.

Deadline Dates

April 1st 2020

All entrants may request a phone call with Bachand Productions to answer any industry related questions or the contest process.

Each entry is $5.00 USD.

This form will be locked until payment is made.

Screen Play (PDF)

Terms and Conditions

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